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Spotlight On: Susana Williams

In the realm of energy solutions, CLA Energy Services takes pride in introducing Susana Williams, our National Client Relationship Manager.

Susana's role as the National Client Relationship Manager epitomises our dedication to delivering unparalleled service and fostering enduring partnerships within the agricultural community. With a wealth of experience and an acute understanding of the intricacies of the energy market, Susana stands as a beacon of client-centric values.

Join us as we shine the spotlight on Susana Williams, where professionalism and client satisfaction converge to pave the way for a greener and more prosperous future for our valued agricultural partners

As National Client Relationship Manager, how do you keep your finger on the pulse of the energy landscape, ensuring our agricultural clients are equipped with the knowledge they need to navigate changes in the energy market?

Gaining insight and knowledge from the amazing team I am part of, attending events, looking at daily insight, gaining knowledge through asking questions around various energy sources. This has given me the expertise to be able to have discussions around renewables and energy. Which in turn then makes it so much easier to be able to ask the right questions when speaking with members at events.

Managing relationships across the nation's agricultural tapestry is no small feat. How do you cultivate a balance between providing a personal touch to individual rural businesses?

One of my favourite sayings is “knowledge is power”  Being able to talk to members about their industry, their backgrounds, how did they get into their chosen field, researching articles, news and challenges they face in their industry are key drivers for conversation and providing a personal touch. 

Can you share a story where your relationship management skills made a real difference, creating a win-win scenario for an agricultural client?

I attended one of our Energy Roadshows and I was talking to one member in particular. I enjoy finding out about members and understanding why they got into their field of business it plays a huge part in relationship management.


This member’s farm has been in his family since the 1900’s. Both of his children have careers in different fields, and he has two grandchildren who are 3 and 6 years old. He had a lot of pressure and stress his energy bills were high, not knowing who would take over the farm from him when the time comes and wanting to look at renewable energy saving schemes.

 I spoke to him about how we could help, our services and renewable schemes. I also advised the wider CLA team that this particular member was struggling with some areas of his farming business.

They were able to offer additional support and talk about options available to him and his business. Due to me taking an interest in his background and finding out his pain points I was able to look at the help available to him.


We were able to get better costings on his energy bills and secure him a new contract, talking away his pain points with his energy supplies and being able to alleviate any stress and pressure. We also looked at how we could use renewable energy on his farm to help him reduce energy costs over a long term strategy. A huge success story from one conversation talking to this member and giving him solutions for what had been a very stressful journey.

Agriculture is a dynamic sector, with constant innovations and policy shifts. How do you adapt and ensure our agricultural clients not only withstand these changes but flourish, embracing new opportunities in this evolving landscape?

Attending events, webinars, talking to partners, clients, sitting in committee meetings, reading articles, news and generally understanding what is going on in different regions and sectors of the rural industry is so important. I have learnt so much about how different regions are solving particular pain points through attending some of the above and then been able to share this with other regions and members.

Including ideas to share with clients about how to diversify businesses and farms. Market intelligence is key. Additionally understanding what issues are being raised with government and what is being done to help resolve certain pain points within the rural sector.


Working with farmers and landowners requires a unique touch. How do you nurture strong partnerships that extend beyond business, aligning with the values and needs of our agricultural clients?

These are the main principles I work by:


Trust. The foundation of any good relationship is trust. Without trust there can be no productive commitment, accountability, or engagement.

Common values. Some people may argue with me, but I believe that having common values is the very foundation for the successful partnership. Taking a genuine interest in clients is key and part of my success to date.

Approachable. I find a common ground is so important to be able to get along with clients, finding about them, their interests , family , business and being presentable and as the saying goes you have seven seconds to make a good impression! In my role approaching people and striking up conversation is key which I love to do.

Transparency. Is so important without this there is no foundation to build any relationship.

Great two-way communication. The elements of a good partnership won't make much difference if there is not good or great two-way communication.

Care. I live by this if you show clients, you care and have a genuine interest in them they will come back time and time again. Have you ever walked into a shop and needed some help with something, and the retail assistant is super friendly, helpful and you end up walking out with what you need! You will go back.

Go the extra mile. Remember the little things! Even if you just help a client and they don’t need your services and you look after them at some point they will remember.

I have been exceptionally lucky that throughout my career I have always had client facing roles, this over time has given me the skills and ability to be able to deal with people from all walks of life.  Communication, transparency, taking time to understand clients needs, pain points – offering solutions, taking a genuine interest in them.


More than anything, I absolutely love my job! When you love what you do its shines through.


At CLA Energy Services, we understand the critical role energy plays in the success of agricultural enterprises, and Susana's dedication reflects our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that drive sustainable growth.

For personalised consultations or any queries related to your energy needs, we invite you to reach out to Susana Williams directly on 07946 119543 or email us today at

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